MAG Alliance member nominated for AMPAC honor

MAG Alliance member Merrilee Gober was one of the nominees for a 2019 AMPAC Award for Political Participation.

AMA says that, “As an active member of the AMA Alliance, MAG Alliance, and the GAMPAC Board, Merrilee has been a fixture at the state Capitol for more than a decade serving as a volunteer advocate speaking on maternal and infant health issues. She has also contributed her time and resources to the campaigns of numerous medical-friendly candidates – both Republican and Democrat. Her most recent campaign work was for Leah Aldridge, a candidate for state Senate in Merrilee’s district. Merrilee took on the role of campaign manager for Ms. Aldridge for a special election in November of 2017 and continued in that role throughout the general election of November 2018.”

The MAG Alliance is a network of physicians’ spouses who serve as volunteers to improve the health of all Georgians – with an emphasis on children.

AMPAC is the bipartisan political action committee of the American Medical Association.

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