MAG among groups calling on U.S. Senate to provide more COVID-19 relief

The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) was one of seven state medical associations that signed a letter that was sent to U.S Senate leaders to urge the Senate to “increase funding to the HHS [COVID-19] Provider Relief Fund by another $100 billion to sustain physician practices and protect patient access to care” and to “ensure the funds are distributed commensurate with each provider’s COVID-19 related expenses and revenue loss from all payers.” 

The letter points out that, “Medicaid physicians have yet to receive any federal assistance, and they will not be able to sustain state cuts during the pandemic to remain accessible to patients enrolled in Medicaid and other federal, state, and local health care programs.”

MAG and the other associations are urging Congress to…

– “Provide additional aid to the states to protect the health care workforce and to prevent irreversible health care cuts.”  

– “Increase Medicaid matching funds by 14 percent consistent with the House ‘Heroes Act’ (H.R. 6800).”

– “Direct HHS to release ‘Provider Relief Funds’ to Medicaid physicians immediately.”

The letter also urges lawmakers to adopt the provider relief fund distribution methodology that is in the ‘Heroes Act,’ which would “ensure a transparent, equitable distribution of funding to all providers based on their own proportionate share of expenses and revenue losses caused by the pandemic…[and] it would ensure that pediatricians, obstetricians, and Medicaid-dependent providers receive funding.”

The letter also calls for “all ERISA health plans, Medicare Advantage, and TriCare for Military Families [plans] to [be required to] cover and pay for telehealth and telephone audio-only services.”

And, it calls for increased support for the “production, distribution, and availability of PPE and [COVID-19] testing, and [to] accelerate contact tracing [efforts].”  

State medical associations’ letter to Senate leaders