MAG appreciates Ways & Means’ efforts to eliminate surprise bills

The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG), which represents more than 8,400 physicians who care for patients in every specialty and practice setting, appreciates the U.S. House Ways and Means Committee for developing a legislative framework to eliminate surprise medical bills, while encouraging lawmakers to continue to refine the legislation.

“The elimination of surprise bills is at the top of MAG’s list of priorities,” says MAG President Andrew Reisman, M.D. “Lawmakers undoubtedly still have work to do, especially when it comes to the mechanism to establish in-network rates, but the Ways and Means Committee’s framework is another step in the right direction – and it’s the best surprise billing legislation that we’ve seen come out of the House to date.”

Dr. Reisman also emphasizes that, “MAG is eager to participate in the process, and we are excited about the prospects of a surprise billing solution that will enable physicians and insurers to resolve claims or payment disputes in a fair and equitable way, and especially if it means getting our patients out of the middle of the process once and for all.”