MAG, GPA, GDA & GSCO call for IC to disapprove Centene/WellCare deal

The Medical Association of Georgia, the Georgia Pharmacy Association, the Georgia Dental Association, and the Georgia Society of Clinical Oncology have sent a second, supplemental letter urging Georgia Insurance Commissioner John King to disapprove Centene Corporation’s proposal to acquire WellCare Health Plans because it is “anti-competitive and [would] be hazardous and prejudicial to the public.”

The four organizations strongly disagree with an assertion that Centene made during a hearing before the Commissioner of Insurance that the Georgia Department of Community Health’s (DCH) oversight of the Medicaid Managed Care program would prevent the merger/acquisition from having anti-competitive effects.

The letter emphasizes that Centene has 1) failed to demonstrate that the merger would result in any economies of scale in the Georgia Medicaid managed care market and 2) become less efficient as it has grown.

New/supplemental MAG/GPA/GSCO/GDA letter

First MAG/GPA/GSCO letter