MAG & GSMA condemn violence and systemic oppression and will not tolerate inequality, injustice, or racism

The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) and the Georgia State Medical Association (GSMA) are greatly saddened by George Floyd’s senseless death.
MAG and GSMA condemn senseless acts of violence and systemic oppression, and MAG nor GSMA will tolerate inequality, injustice, or racism.
Given the demonstrable links between violence and racism and poverty and patient health, MAG and GSMA will continue to advocate for health equity for every Georgian – and MAG and GSMA will continue to take steps to mitigate any disparities in the accessibility of medical care, especially when it comes to our most vulnerable or historically oppressed populations.
As they have throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, MAG and GSMA and their member physicians will remain focused on ensuring that every Georgian is safe and secure and has access to the medical care they need.
MAG and GSMA will also continue to promote diversity within their organizations and our society at large. 
MAG’s mission is to, “Enhance patient care and the health of the public by advancing the art and science of medicine and by representing physicians and patients in the policy making process.”
GSMA is the “collective voice of African American physicians and a leading force for parity and justice in medicine and the elimination of disparities in health.”

With more than 8,400 members, MAG is the leading voice for physicians in Georgia. MAG is an advocate for physicians in every practice setting and specialty. Go to for additional information on MAG. Go to for more information on GSMA.

Contact Tom Kornegay at with suggestions or questions for MAG, and contact Kimberly Williams with suggestions or questions for GSMA.