MAG MRC identifying COVID-19 physician volunteers for Georgia Adjutant General

The Georgia Adjutant General (TAG) Thomas Carden has asked the Medical Association of Georgia Medical Reserve Corps (MAG MRC) to identify physicians in the state who have limited their practice as a result of the COVID-19 public health crisis who are willing to volunteer to provide medical care for Georgians “outside of their traditional office or hospital setting.”

Identifying these physicians is the first step in TAG’s strategic planning process, as TAG’s office has not determined how it will deploy these physicians. The MAG MRC will coordinate this effort, which will see physician volunteers organized by regions in the state.

These volunteer physicians will provide both direct clinical patient care and/or care via telemedicine

Liability and workers’ compensation is included in this activity.

Click here to complete a survey if you are interested in serving as a volunteer to provide medical care outside of the traditional office or hospital setting.

The MAG MRC is also asking residents, retired physicians, medical students, pharmacists, and fourth-year pharmacy students who would like to support this effort to complete this survey.

Contact Fred Jones at with questions.  

About the MAG MRC

The MAG MRC responds to declared emergencies in the state, including natural disasters and disease outbreaks. MAG MRC members are citizen volunteers. The MAG MRC has more than 100 members, including more than 60 physicians.

The MAG MRC has deployed mobile hospitals under the direction of DPH. The state of Georgia owns and controls these assets. The MAG MRC complements the official medical and public health and emergency services resources in the state.

Go to for additional information on the MAG MRC.

MAG members named to Gov.’s COVID-19 task force committees

Numerous MAG members will serve on the ‘Coronavirus Task Force Committees’ that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp named on Friday, March 20.

The ‘Primary Care Provider Committee’ includes Georgia Sens. Ben Watson, M.D., and Kay Kirkpatrick, M.D., Georgia Rep. Mark Newton, M.D., MAG President Andrew Reisman, M.D., MAG Foundation Georgia Physicians Leadership Academy Steering Committee Chair Johnny Sy, D.O. (emergency medicine), American College of Physicians (ACP) President-elect Jacqueline Fincher, M.D. (internal medicine), Georgia Chapter of the American College of Physicians Governor G. Waldon Garriss, M.D. (internal medicine), Georgia OBGyn Society President Al Scott, M.D. (OB-GYN), Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics President Terri McFadden, M.D. (pediatrics), and Georgia Association of Family Physicians President Jeff Stone, M.D. (family medicine). All are MAG members.  

It is also worth noting that former U.S. Health and Human Services Department Sec. Tom Price, M.D., will serve on the ‘Emergency Preparedness Committee.’

Gov. Kemp says that “these committees will address the specific impacts that COVID-19 will have on communities, industry sectors, our health care system, and emergency preparedness.”

Gov. Kemp ‘Coronavirus Task Force Committees’ announcement