MAG reminding members to participate in HealtheParadigm

The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) is reminding its members to participate in HealtheParadigm – an innovative, physician-led health IT solution that enables physicians to generate sophisticated patient data reports that they can use to improve patient outcomes and fulfill the new quality-based payer metrics.

“HealtheParadigm features a web-based dashboard that highlights data trends and patterns, which means that patient data is more readily accessible and actionable,” says Susan Moore, MAG’s director of strategic programs and initiatives. “It compiles, aggregates, and reports data from every provider who participates in the health information exchange, and it computes the quality metrics across all of the providers the patient has received care from – delivering a more accurate picture of the patient’s longitudinal medical record.”

Moore stresses that, “HealtheParadigm can be used to detect information patterns and present the physician with unforeseen alternatives. Its’ analytics-driven acumen helps physicians identify and treat at-risk populations, proactively engage patients sooner, understand the performance of health interventions on health outcomes, and reduce costs.”

Physicians can use HealtheParadigm to generate a number of analytics reports, including ones addressing preventive care procedures, high-risk patients (i.e., who are the most likely to face poor health outcomes and need care coordination), readmissions, disease registries, population health, behavioral health, patient attribution, and utilization.

“In addition,” Moore says, “participating in a health information exchange like HealtheParadigm can quickly impact patient safety and improve care coordination by allowing connected physicians, hospitals and other providers to share patient health records – including information from all providers and facilities from whom a patient has received care. HealtheParadigm offers a secure, longitudinal, electronic exchange of patient information.”

She adds that, “If a patient at your practice is receiving care at one of HealtheParadigm’s participating facilities or practices, you will find information from those visits right online. Accessing up-to-date patient information can enhance clinical decision making, reduce treatment delays and help providers manage their patients’ care in new ways.”

Moore concludes that, “The physicians who employ strategic HIE tools like HealtheParadigm have a clear advantage when it comes fulfilling the new MACRA and QPP requirements – which means that they will be in a good position to succeed in 2018 and beyond.”

MAG endorses HealtheParadigm. Both MAG President Frank McDonald, M.D., M.B.A., and Immediate Past President Steve Walsh, M.D. serve on HealtheParadigm’s advisory committee. Go to to learn more or contact Susan Moore at or 678.303.9275 to schedule a meeting and demonstration with your practice team to find out how participating in HealtheParadigm can benefit your practice.