MAG seeks feedback on state’s waiver proposals by next Monday

Fellow MAG member,

I would like to encourage you to submit any comments that you have that are related to the two health insurance “waivers demonstrations” that Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp will be submitting to the federal government to “extend and stabilize health insurance coverage for thousands of Georgians” to Ryan Larosa at by next Monday, December 2.

The ‘Georgia Pathways’ program would “create a new opportunity for the nearly 408,000 hardworking Georgians who make less than 100 percent of the federal poverty line (FPL) to afford health insurance,” while the ‘Georgia Access’ program will create a “state reinsurance program that [would provide] more insurance coverage options, [foster] competition among insurance providers, and [lower] insurance costs for Georgia families.”

Gov. Kemp’s action is the result of legislation – the ‘Patients First Act’ (S.B. 106) – that passed during the legislative session in 2019.

Please click on the link that is at the end of this alert to review a recording of a 27-minute webinar that the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) presented on the subject on November 25.

MAG will use your feedback in its advocacy efforts.

Contact Mr. Larosa at with any questions.

My sincere thanks for your time and consideration – and happy holidays.

Andrew Reisman, M.D.
President, Medical Association of Georgia

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