MAG to launch health insurance plan for member practices

The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) will launch the ‘MAG Association Healthcare Solutions’ health insurance plan in the April/May, 2020 time frame. 

The ‘MAG Association Healthcare Solutions’ plan is expected to offer savings of up to 20 percent compared to standard small group plans.

The ‘MAG Association Healthcare Solutions’ plan will feature medical, dental, vision and other health care insurance options from a “leading national insurance carrier.” 

Alpharetta-based Decisely will administer the ‘MAG Association Healthcare Solutions’ plan, which will be available to MAG member practices that enroll five or more employees.

Decisely hopes to add smaller practices to the MAG plan in the future, but it can help MAG member practices that have two to four enrolled employees identify other good small group health insurance plans (i.e., that aren’t part of the MAG plan) – effective immediately.

Every physician in a practice must be a MAG member for the practice and its physicians and practice staff to qualify for the plan.

Contact Ryan Larosa at 678.303.9275 or with questions about the ‘MAG Association Healthcare Solutions’ plan.

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