MAG to recommend ways to ensure low-THC/CBD products safe for patients

The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) will develop recommendations for the Georgia General Assembly, the Georgia Cannabis Commission that will be formed in the coming months, and the medical cannabis industry to ensure that applicable patients have access to low-THC/CBD oil that is safe to use.

Georgians who have a physician certify that they have one or more medical conditions that are covered by state law and obtain a ‘Low THC Oil Registry’ card from the Georgia Department of Public Health (DPH) can possess up to 20 fluid ounces of low THC/CBD [cannabidiol] extracts oil “containing not more than five percent THC and an amount of CBD equal to or greater than the amount of THC.”

“MAG’s focus, here, is to ensure that patients have the peace of mind knowing they have access to low-THC/CBD products that come from a safe and reputable source – through the product’s entire life cycle,” says MAG President Andrew Reisman, M.D. “And keep in mind that MAG opposes the use of marijuana for recreational purposes.”

MAG recently hosted a ‘Physicians’ Medical Cannabis Summit’ that was sponsored by companies that are interested in securing one of six cultivation and manufacturing licenses that will be issued in Georgia, including Curaleaf, Georgia Atlas, Surterra Wellness, and Trulieve.

The event addressed Georgia’s medical cannabis use and cultivation laws, what physicians need to do to “certify” that a patient has one of the conditions that are covered by Georgia’s low-THC oil laws, and what low-THC oil producers are doing to ensure patient safety. It also featured a talk by chemist Jeremy Applen, who performs quality tests for U.S. cannabis producers.

MAG was the first state medical society in the U.S. to host this kind of event.

Dr. Reisman reports that MAG will form a MAG member task force to study the issue as a first step.

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