MOC Vision Commission releases summary of public testimony

The ‘Continuing Board Certification – Vision for the Future Commission’ has released a summary of the public testimony that it heard from a variety of physician and other stakeholder groups during meetings it hosted in March and May.

The goal of the effort was to understand the “value of certification and highlight best practices and/or key concerns” and to “provide a common foundation for all [Vision] Commission members.”

The Vision Commission is “responsible for assessing the status of continuing board certification and making recommendations to help enable the current process to become a system that demonstrates the profession’s commitment to professional self-regulation, offers a consistent and clear understanding of what continuing certification means, and establishes a meaningful, relevant and valuable program that meets the highest standard of quality patient care.”

Medical Association of Georgia Executive Director Donald J. Palmisano is one of 25 Vision Commission members.

The Vision Commission will submit its final recommendations to American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) and its Member Boards on February 1, 2019.

The Vision Initiative website – – allows physicians to “actively engage in the process through a dedicated section for feedback and input.”

Contact Palmisano at with any questions related to the Vision Initiative.

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