NBC News report, St. Louis Dispatch editorial address Anthem ER policy

NBC Nightly News has aired a ‘New Anthem health policy cuts emergency room coverage’ story that addresses Anthem, Inc.’s policy to review claims that are related to out-of-network emergency care on a retrospective basis. In a related development, the St. Louis Post Dispatch’s editorial board has published an editorial – ‘Health insurance company makes big profits by playing hardball’ – decrying the Anthem policy.

The editorial noted that, “On Sunday, we learned that Anthem refused to cover the full $32,000 bill for a South County boy airlifted to a St. Louis hospital because the helicopter ambulance was ‘out of network’.”

It also pointed out that “…Anthem is making a lot of money and skating on a fair share of taxes. Premiums are higher and benefits are harder to get.”

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