New ‘Top Docs Radio’ episode addresses surprise medical bills

The latest episode of the Medical Association of Georgia’s (MAG) ‘Top Docs Radio’ show addresses surprise medical bills – and it features Wells Yang, M.D.,who is a resident at Northside at Gwinnett Medical Center in Lawrenceville. 

Dr. Yang discusses…

– How surprise bills occur
– How common surprise bills are
– Why health care providers at a hospital or ER aren’t always “in-network” 
– The legislation lawmakers are considering at the state and federal levels 
– New York’s successful surprise billing law
– What can patients do to avoid surprise bills 
– What physicians and patients can do to encourage lawmakers to eliminate surprise bills 

Dr. Yang researched surprise bills when he completed a non-clinical rotation with MAG in July.  

Between downloads and live listeners, the ‘Top Docs Radio’ show – which won an American Association of Medical Society Executives Profiles of Excellence Award in 2019 – has now reached more than 600,000 listeners and viewers, which includes people in all 50 states and more than 80 countries. 

The ‘Top Docs Radio’ show is supported with a grant from Alliant Health Solutions in memory of Tom Williams, its former CEO. 

In addition to the video recordings that are available on Facebook, the ‘Top Docs Radio’ show is available as a podcast on AppleGoogleSpotify, and Stitcher.


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