New ‘Top Docs Radio’ show addresses direct PC/direct contracting model

The latest edition of the Medical Association of Georgia’s (MAG) ‘Top Docs Radio’ show addresses the direct primary care/direct contracting practice model – and it features Brian E. Hill, M.D., the co-founder, president and CEO of HIPnation.

Dr. Hill discusses…  

 Why he founded HIPnation 
– How this model works and differs from more traditional models
– How a direct primary care/direct contracting model can help physicians
– How this approach can improve patient care
– This model’s patient cost/payment structure (e.g., exams, lab work and tests) 
– How referrals to specialists work under this model
– Whether his patients need supplemental insurance
– How the direct primary care/direct contracting model drives innovation
– The biggest challenges associated with the direct primary care/contracting model
– What he sees as the biggest flaw in our health care system

Dr. Hill has been active in health care reform at the local and national levels for much of his career. He wrote a book on the subject, and he has appeared on a number of high-profile media outlets – including CNN and Fox News. Dr. Hill is a member of the Medical Association of Atlanta’s Board of Directors, and he is a graduate of the MAG Foundation’s Georgia Physicians Leadership Academy.

HIPnation is an “innovative health care delivery company that realigns how individuals and employers pay for health care services. With a foundation in direct-contracting, HIPnation drives down the cost of health care and provides a platform for higher-quality, patient-centric, personalized medicine.”

Contract HIPnation at or 888.676.6007. Physicians who have questions about the direct primary care/direct contracting model can contact Dr. Hill at

This is Dr. Hill’s second appearance on the ‘Top Docs Radio’ show.   

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