New ‘Top Docs’ show addresses asthma & severe asthma

The latest edition of the Medical Association of Georgia’s (MAG) ‘Top Docs’ show addresses asthma and severe asthma – and it features Tracy Bridges, M.D., a board-certified allergist who is affiliated with Allergy and Asthma Clinics of Georgia in Albany and the Allergy Center at Brookstone in Columbus and who is a founding member of the Georgia Asthma Coalition.

Dr. Bridges discusses…

– Asthma and severe asthma 
– How many people have asthma and severe asthma
– What toll asthma and severe asthma take on Georgia
– How physicians treat asthma – and whether the treatment is effective
– How physicians evaluate the severity of a patient’s asthma
– How physicians identify severe asthmatics
– Whether certain ethnic groups more are prone to get asthma
– If severe asthmatics should get an oral steroid in an acute care clinic, ER or hospital
– Biologics – and how they’re used to treat severe asthma
– New asthma treatment options that are on the horizon
– The ‘Oasis’ database 

Along with the aforementioned roles, Dr. Bridges is the principal investigator for the Georgia Pollens Research Center – which conducts industry-sponsored clinical research studies that look at new and innovative biological therapies to treat conditions like asthma and atopic dermatitis. He has a medical degree from the Medical College of Georgia, he completed his residency in internal medicine at the University of Alabama-Birmingham, and he completed a fellowship in allergy immunology at Vanderbilt University.

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‘Top Docs’ is supported with a grant from Alliant Health Solutions in memory of Tom Williams, its former CEO.

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