Physicians Foundation distributes Board meeting summary

The Physicians Foundation recently distributed a summary of its most recent Board of Directors meeting, which took place via video conference on August 7.

The Medical Association of Georgia’s representative on The Physicians Foundation’s Board is Joy Maxey, M.D. MAG members can contact Dr. Maxey at

Physicians Foundation August 7, 2020 Board meeting summary

The Physicians Foundation held its quarterly meeting Friday, August 7, 2020 by video conference.

– The board unanimously approved and adopted its new strategic plan which both reflects the current changes in medical practice in the wake of COVID-19 and looks to the broader future of health care.

– The board honored the memory of former board member, Louis J. Goodman, PhD, who recently passed away. To recognize his years of service to the foundation and his impact on medicine, the Foundation will be making a $10,000 contribution to the Glioblastoma Foundation.


– The Foundation established a joint work group to review research and initiatives supported by the Foundation on social determinants of health. The aim of this group will be to consolidate the findings of those projects into a summary of their implications for improving health and health care and to leverage that information to improve the Foundation’s educational work in this area.

– The board heard an update from Rebecca Onie and Rocco Perla on the work of The Health Initiative (THI). THI is collaborating with the medical societies of North Carolina, New York, and Texas to elevate the physician voice specific to work related to social determinants of health. The pandemic’s unprecedented disruption in the country and in health care as well as the upcoming elections have created an additional opportunity to elevate the physician voice on the importance of considering patients’ social determinants of health. These efforts include a recent joint article in STAT between the executives of the medical societies of New York, Texas, and Washington, “Health care reform: the ‘new normal’ needs to go beyond clinical care.” THI has also been working closely with Dr. Casalino of The Physicians Foundation Center at Cornell on joint research on social determinants of health, with publications forthcoming. THI will be supporting the activities of the above described work group.

– Dr. Casalino of The Physicians Foundation Center at Cornell presented an update on the Center’s ongoing work. The research includes analysis of private equity and physician management companies, physician burnout and physician altruism, the cost to physicians of participating in MIPS, and quality measures. Upcoming activities include quantitative articles on private equity across different specialties, delving into the overlap between COVID19 and social determinants of health, and artificial intelligence in health care. The advisory board includes representatives from the Foundation to provide input on the work of the Center and discuss ongoing and future activities.

– The board discussed the timeline and plans for the new approach to its biennial physician survey which will now be implemented as three smaller surveys. The surveys will capture more relevant snapshots of physicians’ perspectives given the current rapidly changing practice environment. The Foundation is working with Merritt Hawkins to develop and implement this adapted project. The report on the first survey has now been released. The second survey is currently being fielded with plans for the third survey to be released in September.

Grants and Wellness

The board approved grant support to the following organizations…

– North Carolina Medical Society Foundation

– Connecticut State Medical Society Physicians Health and Education Foundation

– Medical, Education, and Scientific Foundation of the State of New York

– Medical Society of Virginia Foundation

– PAGNY Health & Research Foundation

– Twin Cities Medical Society Foundation

– The board heard an update on the Practice Transformation Initiative with the AMA. The project shifted because of the pandemic and will now include a combination of activities around telemedicine, leadership, and wellness.

Medical Practice

– The board heard a report on The Telehealth Initiative – a collaboration with the Texas Medical Association and American Medical Association. The first cohort of practices as recruited by three state medical societies — Florida, Massachusetts, and Texas – is actively engaged in ongoing webinars and virtual education sessions. The initiative is providing physicians with resources, education, and support to help implement telehealth in their practices.