Report highlights success of NY surprise bills/IDR law

New York has issued a report that highlights the success of its out-of-network (OON) independent dispute resolution (IDR) process. The state says that its ‘Surprise Out-Of-Network Protection Law’ has saved consumers more than $400 million in emergency services since 2014. And while the number of IDR cases have increased in New York, the state reports that the percentage of OON bills are down by 34 percent.

The report notes that under New York’s law, “…[consumers] are taken out of disputes over out-of-network emergency and surprise bills, and health plans and providers can use the IDR process to resolve such billing disputes. Consumers are held harmless under the OON law, which includes other consumer protections, including protection from surprise bills, improved disclosure, extended network adequacy requirements, minimum OON coverage to be made available to consumers, expanded external appeal rights, and easier claims submission.”

New York IDR Report