Urge state lawmakers to pass right solution for surprise medical bills

The Medical Association of Georgia (MAG) is encouraging you to take two important steps to enact the right solution for surprise medical bills in Georgia, including…

1. Contacting your state senator and calling Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle at 404.656.5030 and urging them “NOT TO CALL S.B. 8 TO THE SENATE FLOOR FOR AN AGREE/DISAGREE.” S.B. 8 is limited to transparency and elective procedures, and it does not address emergency settings in any way. MAG Government Relations Director Derek Norton explains that, “The Senate has already passed H.B. 314 (a comprehensive and sustainable pro-patient and pro-physician solution that will put an end to surprise medical bills in the state) twice, so there is no reason for that chamber to consider S.B. 8. The Senate’s position is clear in that it favors a comprehensive solution to surprise billing, like H.B. 314, that eliminates balance bills in both elective and emergency settings.”

2. Contacting your state representative and Rep. Jason Shaw at Jason.Shaw@house.ga.gov or 404.656.7153 and Rep. Richard Smith at Richard.Smith@house.ga.gov or 404.656.6831 and calling Speaker David Ralston at 404.656.5020 and urging them to “BRING H.B. 314 TO THE FULL HOUSE FOR A VOTE TO AGREE.” Norton stresses that, “Representative Smith has blocked H.B. 314 in the House Insurance Committee for two years now, and it is critical health care legislation that deserves an up or down vote by the full House.” Rep. Shaw and Speaker Ralston must decide to bring H.B 314 to the floor of the House for a vote for this legislation to have a chance to pass in this legislative session.

Contact Norton at dnorton@mag.org or 404.274.4210 with questions.

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